Qlip is a information site for foreign travellers to Japan. The stuff of this site was the production crew of ‘travel channel’ in Japan which lasted 27 years.

I went around Japan all over the country, met various people, visited places,and I met customs and scenery that I did not know until then, it was full of surprises. I want all people to know "really nice Japan" I found in such a career. So I started this site.

So, there is bias in the information of this site. But, I don’t post anything that I don’t feel good.

I hope that this site will be useful to everyone traveling in Japan.

What I would like to emphasize most is to let foreigners know the lives and customs of the people of the rural areas of Japan, to connect those people with world people.KD

As for me, the most interesting thing when I traveled abroad was when I was able to know the life of the "ordinary people" in that country like visiting the market or becaming friends with the people I met. I would like you to feel that surprise I will make an effort to get to know the travellers the lively Japan.

Qlip staff