Purpose of utilization of personal information

This company will not use the personal information it collects for purposes beyond those officially stated. Personal information collected by the company is used as follows:

1. Purposes of utilization of data collected from customers using company services

  • As reference when confirming, investigating, or replying to inquiries regarding the company or the services it provides
  • For transmitting information on services the company provides, technical support, or information on new products, services, or performance upgrades thought to be of use to the customer
  • As reference in research to provide a more useful service to our customers, in statistical compilations of registered personal information limited to such information that is not personally identifiable

2. Protection and management of personal information

We prevent unlawful access to and loss, damage, alteration, and disclosure of personal information entrusted to us by the customer through our organizational, physical, personnel, and technical security policies.

3. Inquiries regarding personal information

This company will provide prompt and appropriate assistance with customer complaints or other inquiries regarding the handling of personal information. We will handle inquiries regarding personal information below.

Addendum: This privacy policy will take effect August 4, 2017.